Spoilers for Tuesday 14 June 2022 (Series 85, 4th Quarter-final)

Discuss anything that happened in recent games. This is the place to post any words you got that beat Dictionary Corner, or numbers games that evaded Rachel.

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Spoilers for Tuesday 14 June 2022 (Series 85, 4th Quarter-final)

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Ryan Lam
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Re: Spoilers for Tuesday 14 June 2022 (Series 85, 4th Quarter-final)

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Time to post this review up before the first Semi-Finals began later, a much quieter affair from the last Series when comparing to the Quarter-Finals in terms of commentary and discussion. Speaking about the latter, if there's one good thing when Susie isn't around, it's that we get to know more about the contestants' lives, albeit I'm sure not everyone will find each and every piece of information relevant to their lives (Not saying that Susie doesn't deserve to be here, heck she's celebrating her 30th Anniversary since her first appearance in a fortnight when this goes out). Let's get this out of the way first!

Letters: Ryan gets ahead with FINERIES in R2 and R5 was quite something with the maximums all related to one another :lol: Unlucky to both in R7 as they did not risk REEDLESS :( (P.S. Loved Stephen Read's joke in the Daily Chat about being clarinetless :lol: ). Then, with CALAMINE to beat Adrian's great spot of MANACLE in R8 coupled with EYELETS in R12, Ryan steers clear of any risk of a crucial conundrum. I think the latter's jotting of unusual words really paid off here, who knows, maybe some of the spots I mentioned were indeed those that were noted, nice! :D

Numbers: Both go with what they are comfortable with, Ryan with his usual 6 Small and Adrian with 1 Large, then 2 Large. Great start in R3 with both knowing 792 is 99 × 8 and then solving R6 quite easily. Two "1"s made R9 all but impossible (which happened last Series in R14 during QF2 too) and an unlucky end to both in R14 as they both go wrong, with Ryan nearly having it but misdeclared :(

Conundrum: CAN YE SPOT this conundrum? I certainly did with the "Y" being extremely helpful here which helped me start with SYNC and then the rest of the letters fell into place subsequently. Time's up and no one solves it (including Jay who berates himself for not getting it), but nevermind, this word is uncommon to ordinary people with no music background.

From the start, I had predicted this game was never going to be close at all despite what the odds were telling most people (which Anne in fact acknowledged) with Ryan edging out with a margin of 30 points given how he had performed in his preliminaries and I was nearly right with the eventual difference in score being 29 points. Thankfully, the winning score was not 106 again or I probably would have been a state of DELIRIUM like what the first Teatime Teaser mentioned :lol: So it's goodbye to Adrian, but I'm sure you have made your mum extremely proud by appearing on National Television and to make it this far. Hope to see you around the community some day and continue to love your job in the IT industry despite not even being remotely related to your Physics degree, there's no shame in that, just like your defeat today.

Three more episodes and it's all over. Will it be Dan or Ryan that will clinch the first spot in the Grand Final? Can't wait to see what happens especially with the Numbers rounds, I sure have expectations when it comes to that!

QF1 (09 June): Dan Byrom (#1) vs Craig Fawcett (#8) (106 - 27)
QF2 (10 June): Matt O'Connor (#2) vs Dan Hall (#7) (106 - 58)
QF3 (13 June): Steve Hyde (#3) vs Ronan Mackrory (#6) (106 - 83)
QF4 (14 June): Ryan Carlsen (#4) vs Adrian Fletcher (#5) (92 - 63)
SF1 (15 June): Dan Byrom (QF1 Winner) vs Ryan Carlsen (QF4 Winner)
SF2 (16 June): Matt O'Connor (QF2 Winner) vs Steve Hyde (QF3 Winner)
GF (17 June): (SF1 Winner) vs (SF2 Winner)
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Re: Spoilers for Tuesday 14 June 2022 (Series 85, 4th Quarter-final)

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Ryan has definitely stepped up his game since the heats. And trying to claim he was better 10 years ago!
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