Countdown in Edinburgh (COEDI) - Saturday 15th October 2022

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James Robinson
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Countdown in Edinburgh (COEDI) - Saturday 15th October 2022

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With no event in Scotland since early 2019, it certainly has felt very English (with a touch of Irish) centric, but I’m delighted to announce the rebirth of COEDI, or Countdown in Edinburgh!!!😄😎👍🧠🕛🕡🔠🔢🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Our venue is the New Melville Bridge Club just to the west of Edinburgh city centre. The address is 1 Pinkhill, Edinburgh, EH12 7BA. (For a look yourselves, go here) It is right next to a bus stop, which has many different services from Edinburgh city centre.

General Overview:
Presented by James Robinson (yes, I'm flying solo for the first time), using the "Lincoln" format (yes, another first for me) and playing along with big screen virtual studio graphics at the end of the day:

As with all Lincoln style events, players will be put 3 to a table, with one person hosting the other 2, and everyone flipping around, so that everyone has a go at hosting. That will happen on three occasions, then a grand final will happen in front of all the attendees.

COEDI will take place on Saturday 15 October -- doors open at 10am for a prompt 11am start, finishing at around 5:45-6pm. The admission price is set at £10. We also hope to have the bar open like we did last time, which has some nice treats available at very reasonable costs, more on that when I have it fully confirmed.👍👍👍

We also intend on having a Chinese meal at the same restaurant we used in 2019, which happens to be right next door to the bridge club too. That is of course Cool Jade (

As per usual, payments are available:
- By PayPal ( (DON'T FORGET - Choose the "Family/Friends" option on payment.);
- By phone (0781 775 0544);
- By cheque (address available on request).

Confirmed Attendees (17):
Steven Grady
Adam Beach
Euan Crabb
Paul Craib
Darren Godfrey
Rachael Montgomery
George Armstrong
Michael Armstrong
Fiona Titcombe
Phil Stanton
Tom Carey
Matt Gould
Tasneem Rana
Matthew S Rutherford
Callum Todd
Nathan Pace
Mike Springett

Possible Attendees (27):
Brandin Allen
Paul Anderson
Patricia Bevan
Helen Broderick
Louise Campbell
Callum Carton
Phil Hannan
Stu Harkness
Coral Heath
Eoin Jackson
Paul James
Chloe Jones
Lianne Kennedy
Joshua McCune
Tracey Mills
Sean Mowat
Ikenna Oguguo
Jane Peet
Logan Skelton
Vicci Smith
Dylan Taylor
Fi Thorne
Conor Travers
Jason Turner
Taz Turner
Ian Volante
Alan Young
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Paul Anderson
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Re: Countdown in Edinburgh (COEDI) - Saturday 15th October 2022

Post by Paul Anderson »

Stick me down as a possible for now, haven't submitted my permission slip just yet
Fiona T
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Re: Countdown in Edinburgh (COEDI) - Saturday 15th October 2022

Post by Fiona T »

This looks like the parkrun

Got changing facilities and toilets, but 4.5 miles from event so would probs need to taxi
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Callum Todd
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Re: Countdown in Edinburgh (COEDI) - Saturday 15th October 2022

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Parkruns start at 9.30am in Scotland right? Could be a bit of a dash to get to the event in time but sure we can manage it.
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Ian Volante
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Re: Countdown in Edinburgh (COEDI) - Saturday 15th October 2022

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As well as Oriam (which is way out to the west of the city), there are Edinburgh, Portobello, Holyrood Park (quite new), but all similarly a few miles from the venue.
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