The COLIN Google Earth Scavenger Hunt

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Ben Wilson
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The COLIN Google Earth Scavenger Hunt

Post by Ben Wilson »

Presenting my latest idea that people probably won't ever play: a scavenger hunt played exclusively on Google Earth*, but with a Countdown twist to it!

In this zip file you'll find 15 images taken from Google Street View as well as a map of North Hykeham, the home of COLIN for the last 15 years. On each of the 15 images, part of the picture has been obscured by a dark blue rectangle (or light blue if dark blue blends too well into the photo). The rectangles obscure either 9 letters or 6 numbers (well, a phone number, but six digits, so- yeah). Your challenge is to locate each image in street view and, well, find the longest word from each selection or solve the numbers game (I assume most people on this board are familiar with the rules of Countdown by now). Round 15 is, as always, a conundrum with one unique solution. For numbers games, the target is always 522 (the area code for Lincoln, natch) and any zero in the selection is to be treated as a 10. Yes, this does mean four 6 small selections in the game. Tough. :mrgreen:

Post your best scores below. The recommended starting point is here, the rounds follow a more or less logical geographical order and don't venture too far off of main roads. Good luck!

*Can be played in real life if you have too much free time, too much money and too little life.
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Callum Todd
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Re: The COLIN Google Earth Scavenger Hunt

Post by Callum Todd »

Very nice. I scored 111.
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Matthew Brockwell
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Re: The COLIN Google Earth Scavenger Hunt

Post by Matthew Brockwell »

I enjoyed this a lot, thank you Ben. I particularly liked how you could work out the harder rounds by interpolation. I spent a lot longer that expected trying to find the sign in R7 even though the site was obvious to me. I too scored 111- and rather suspect I dropped points in the same round(s) as Callum.
Paul Anderson
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Re: The COLIN Google Earth Scavenger Hunt

Post by Paul Anderson »

I couldn't find the first clue
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