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Countdown episodes

Post by Jason Larsen » Sun Jan 08, 2017 3:25 am

For those of you who wished to see my Countdown episode on demand, you're out of luck. By now you've missed the deadline.

However, the Youtube video that I posted of it is blocked in the UK.

First, it was blocked by Channel 4 because apparently, it's almost like Rachel's gesture she gives of moving towards the numbers board is trademarked. That is the most dumbfounding thing I have ever heard. A gesture that Rachel makes, that's not even verbal? They won't give me a break!

If you think that's bad, listen to this. It was also blocked by Channel 4 for containing a commercial that had nothing to do with any show on their network!

To this day, it baffles me why Thomas Wood, who runs the old Youtube channel called Countdown Goofs, still has episodes on his channel and he was asked not to post any more videos again. Some of them were donated by James Robinson, which is an insult because I like him so much.

Why did Thomas get as many warnings as he did, and why would Channel 4 block my video over the silliest things?

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