Peter Lee

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Countdown Team
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Peter Lee

Post by Countdown Team » Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:48 am

Sad news this morning on the passing of former Countdown champion Peter Lee.
Peter was one of our most popular contestants and a thoroughly lovely man.
I'm sure many of you will have come across him during your times with the show and will join us in offering condolences to his family.

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Jennifer Steadman
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Jennifer Steadman » Fri Mar 21, 2014 10:10 am

Absolutely gutted to hear this. Great guy on and off screen (I fondly remember him sacking off a nice meal in Manchester with his wife so he could hang out with a group of us at Spoons after his special was recorded) and a silver fox to boot. Really sad news.

RIP Peter and condolences to the Lee family.
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Graeme Cole
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Graeme Cole » Fri Mar 21, 2014 11:21 am

Sad news indeed, and condolences to Peter's family. I played Peter on apterous many times and saw his TV appearances - including his classic special against Dave Taylor - although sadly I never got to meet him. A superb player and a great gentleman, he'll be much missed.

Andy McGurn
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Andy McGurn » Fri Mar 21, 2014 11:26 am

Very sad news, a thoroughly likeable man.

Gavin Chipper
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Gavin Chipper » Fri Mar 21, 2014 11:37 am

Very sad news. I played him on Apterous a few times.

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Bradley Cates
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Bradley Cates » Fri Mar 21, 2014 12:17 pm

Incredibly sad news. I watched a few of his games and he came across a really nice guy and someone who wouldn't hurt a fly. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet him but judging by Jen's comment, he truly was a great character. The Countdown community has lost a great man.

RIP Peter.
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Mark Deeks
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Mark Deeks » Fri Mar 21, 2014 1:22 pm

Oh that's bad. Sad times.

RIP Peter. He ensouled the show.
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He may not be liked on here, but you have to give some credit to Mark

Edward McCullagh
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Edward McCullagh » Fri Mar 21, 2014 1:48 pm

Really shocked and saddened to hear this news. I had the pleasure of meeting Peter at the 30th Birthday Championships and he was charming, warm, kind and great craic altogether. My condolences go out to his family. RIP Peter

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Matt Morrison
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Matt Morrison » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:08 pm

Not cool. Seems far too soon.

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Andy Platt
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Andy Platt » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:12 pm

Damn, I didn't even know he was ill. That's really sad. Thanks for letting us know.

James Laverty
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by James Laverty » Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:47 pm

Never met or played him on apterous. But seemed like a really nice guy on the TV. RIP Peter
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Paul Worsley
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Paul Worsley » Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:37 pm

Sad news indeed.

RIP Peter. A man you don't meet everyday.

Zarte Siempre
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Zarte Siempre » Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:38 pm

Andy Platt wrote:Damn, I didn't even know he was ill. That's really sad. Thanks for letting us know.
My thoughts almost exactly.
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Jayne Wisniewski
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Jayne Wisniewski » Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:59 pm

Very sad to hear this news. I never met him but I played Peter a lot on apterous, including one New Year from New York I remember. He came across on tv as a charming modest man with a lovely smile.
My heartfelt condolences to his family.

Jack Worsley
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Jack Worsley » Fri Mar 21, 2014 4:02 pm

My heart sank when I heard the news. :( As others have rightly said, Peter was a true gentleman and I discovered this from the moment I started playing him online, during my early days on apterous. We always had really good games and it was a real pleasure to play and talk to him.

He was just as delightful in real life, from when I saw the last game of his octorun live in the studio and congratulated him afterwards, until the series finals. I'm proud to say that I shared the screen with him for one game and between us we produced an exciting and very close match. True to his character, Peter was simply magnanimous in defeat and could only wish Jonathan Rawlinson and I the best for the final. He was also one of the first people to congratulate me after the game and I will always remember and be grateful for his generosity.

R.I.P Peter, your contribution to apterous, the show and the Countdown community as a whole will never be forgotten. My whole-hearted condolences go out to his family and he'll rightly be remembered as a very capable player and above all, a wonderful person.

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Tracey Anne Mills
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Tracey Anne Mills » Fri Mar 21, 2014 4:18 pm

Very sad to hear this news :cry: Peter was a joy to play against on apterous my thoughts are with his friends and family at this sad time, on behalf of everybody from the apterous community and C4C he will be sadly missed by everybody who got to know him xxxxxxx RIP Peter.
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James Robinson
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by James Robinson » Fri Mar 21, 2014 5:35 pm

Crikey, I'm in complete shock. He was an absolutely brilliant man on screen, and was a brill contender on Apterous. Again, I never got to meet him either, and I can't believe such a character like him has gone. :( :cry:

RIP Peter Lee, you will be missed, my friend.
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Innis Carson
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Innis Carson » Fri Mar 21, 2014 6:21 pm

What horrible news. I only met Peter briefly myself in 'real life', but like everyone else I found him to be a delightfully pleasant and unassuming man, and he was always a pleasure to play against on apterous too. His contribution to Countdown was truly unique - I know for a fact that he had a lot of fans amongst the members of the Edinburgh Countdown Club, and no doubt countless more throughout the nation.

RIP Peter, you'll be missed.

Eoin Monaghan
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Eoin Monaghan » Fri Mar 21, 2014 6:53 pm

Very sad news. I never had the pleasure to meet Peter, but our games on Apterous were always friendly and he came across fantastically on screen. RIP.

Jojo Apollo
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Jojo Apollo » Fri Mar 21, 2014 7:18 pm

Shocking news, it was always a pleasure to play against this courteous and very modest gentleman on Apterous.

Condolences to his family.

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Re: Peter Lee

Post by tomrowell » Fri Mar 21, 2014 8:12 pm

Very sad news. Was a top bloke when I played him last year and got me reasonably sozzled in the bar afterwards even though I had beat him. RIP Peter

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Re: Peter Lee

Post by kieranbray » Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:12 pm

Goodness gracious me... This is awful news.

He was a truly lovely fellow and if it wasn't for him my Countdown experience wouldn't have been a touch on how it really was.

RIP Peter and I echo the condolences to his family.

Marcus Hares
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Marcus Hares » Fri Mar 21, 2014 10:00 pm

Was only thinking about Peter the other day, very saddened to hear this news - Peter was a thoroughly lovely chap and it was a pleasure to know him albeit only through apterous. Thoughts go out to his family.

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Matt Croy
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Matt Croy » Fri Mar 21, 2014 10:39 pm

I never post on here (as you can see), but I've just learned this awful news and felt I had to express my condolences. I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person but I fondly remember many close and competitive games with him on Apterous and I'm shocked to hear the news that he has sadly passed away. RIP Peter and my sincere condolences to your family and friends at this difficult time.

PS. Whenever I hear the word MORGANITE, the only person I can hear saying it is Peter :)

Phyl Styles
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Phyl Styles » Fri Mar 21, 2014 11:51 pm

Just found notice in the Irish Times
Such a shock and such a lovely man

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Re: Peter Lee

Post by kerryalcock » Sat Mar 22, 2014 1:25 pm

I am genuinely so upset about this news. I was only thinking about Peter the other day and how he hadn't been around for a while. I thought I must send him an email and see how he is.

He really was one of the loveliest men ever. I had the pleasure of meeting him twice, and celebrating my 30th birthday with him and his wife too! I know everyone who encountered him held him in high regard.

RIP Peter, you will be missed. Condolences to his family.

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Philip Jarvis
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Philip Jarvis » Sat Mar 22, 2014 5:26 pm

I'm in total shock at hearing this news.

Peter and I were 1 episode apart when we both lost on our first appearance back in 2002. We later went on to play each other on a regular basis on Apterous before Peter got his second chance on Countdown, doing so well.

I got to meet Peter when he was recording his quarter final appearances and found him to be a thoroughly charming gentleman.

RIP Peter.
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Anthony Endsor
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Anthony Endsor » Sun Mar 23, 2014 5:24 pm

This is a real shock to the Countdown Community.
As with everyone else, my condolences go out to his family. RIP Peter. A real Countdown legend.

Heather Styles

Re: Peter Lee

Post by Heather Styles » Sun Mar 23, 2014 7:04 pm

I really enjoyed seeing Peter on Countdown, and remember with admiration and respect his skills as a player as well as his modest and unassuming manner. I feel for Peter's loved ones at this very sad time. May he rest in peace.

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Rose Boyle
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Rose Boyle » Sun Mar 23, 2014 8:23 pm

I was very sorry to hear of Peter's passing. He came across as a pure gentleman on the show and was a pleasure to watch. He did Ireland proud. May he rest in peace and condolences to his family.

Kevin Thurlow
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Kevin Thurlow » Tue Apr 01, 2014 11:28 am

Terrible news. I played him on his first appearance in 2002 and just beat him to the conundrum. He came up to me in the bar and gave me his notebook, with word lists, etc., saying, "You'll probably find this useful for the finals". What an incredibly kind gesture. Then he had to prepare another one for his second attempt...

My condolences to the family.

Dave Preece
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Re: Peter Lee

Post by Dave Preece » Sat Apr 05, 2014 11:14 pm

Very sad news: Peter was one of my favorite contestants, loved watching his games — a legend!

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