COHUD 2018 - Countdown In Huddersfield - Saturday 8th September 2018

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COHUD 2018 - Countdown In Huddersfield - Saturday 8th September 2018

Post by James Robinson » Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:41 pm

HAVE YOU MISSED US??? ;) :) :D :mrgreen: 8-)

I'm back with yet another edition of Countdown In Huddersfield (COHUD), and back by popular demand, Callum Todd is on hand to co-host with me for the third year in a row. ;) :) :D 8-)

We are heading back to Huddersfield once again, and as we have been since 2014, we'll be using PPG Canalside, the Huddersfield Town A.F.C. training complex just up the Leeds Road from the stadium, at HD2 1YJ. It is a fully modern, up-to-date facility and ready to cope with the hustle and bustle of a CO-event. (For a look yourselves, go here:

Presented by James Robinson and Callum Todd, using the "Bristol" classroom format and playing along with big screen virtual studio graphics:

Carrying on from last year, we are hoping to do a groups-of-four (or possibly six) setup to decide who plays who in the heats.

Assuming we get 32 entrants, players will be drawn at random into eight groups to play three heats matches. This means players will know at the start who they will be up against in the heats.

These will be 9-round matches, as per the old television format (6L 2N 1C).

At the end of the three heats, everyone goes into groups of eight for the quarter-finals, in order of number of wins, total points scored and +/- points difference. The winner from each heats group goes into Division A, the runner-up into Division B, third place into C and fourth place into D.

From here, everybody is seeded within their divisions to play a 9-round quarter- and semi-final and 14-round final (8L 4N 2C). This will be done in Swiss format, so everybody will get to play right until the end of the day.

The two finalists in Group A will sit out the mainstream final, to play the tournament’s showpiece Grand Final at around 5pm. So if you don’t make the top two, why not recharge your glass, sit back and enjoy!

COHUD 2018 will take place on Saturday 8 September -- doors open at 9:45am for a prompt 10:45am start, finishing at around 6pm. The admission price is set at £15 and includes a hot buffet lunch at 1pm. The cash bar will be available too.

As per usual, payments are available:
- By PayPal (;
- By phone (0781 775 0544);
- By cheque (address available on request).

We look forward to having you join us up in West Yorkshire!!! ;) :) :D :mrgreen: 8-) :geek: :ugeek:

Confirmed Attendees (12):
Bradley Horrocks
George Armstrong
Adam Dexter
Mark Mills
Tracey Mills
Jason Turner
Taz Turner
James Haughton
Thomas Carey
Phil Jarvis
Elaine Broadley
Andrew Sullivan

Interested Attendees (19):
Adam Curran
Catherine Wyatt
Chloe Jones
Craig Tranter
Daniel Stevanato
Dylan Taylor
Jack Worsley
Jacob Coventry-Peters
Jeff Clayton
Jonathan De Souza
Katherine Webb
Michael Cullen
Mike Springett
Robin McKay
Sarah Langan
Steve Anderson
Tom Rowell
Tony Enright
Wes Jardine
UP THE MIGHTY TERRIERS!!! ;) :) :D :mrgreen: 8-)

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